FW23 - “Untitled”

Amongst the current world of chaos, we emerge with our debut collection: "Untitled".

This collection serves as a canvas for the silent warriors, the unspoken rebels, and the quiet revolutionaries.

Every piece in this collection is a testament to the versatility of simplicity.

This collection may be called "Untitled," but the message is clear. Identity isn't just about names or labels, but about the choices we make.

Be the loudest in any space without saying a word. Be the one to break the rules. Be the one who isn't afraid to be you.

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FW23 'Untitled' Campaign


    I bought the full untitled uniform set because it looked fucken sick and holy shit I love it!

    - Rob

  • I feel like a ninja

    These wide leg pants bring me right back to Japan. I feel like a samurai, it flows so well too!

    - Mike

  • Yooo these jeans

    These stonewash jeans are fuckin sick. I fk with the baggy fit and it's not too heavy thank god.

    - Darrel

  • Decent zip hoodie

    Wished the zip was a little thicker but it's really good quality and actually warm which is good.

    - Josh

  • Sick Hoodie

    Love the 500GSM hoodie, been wanting a thick black hoodie for ages. VOID's one is perfect.

    - Jessie

  • Cargos are fire

    The cargos are lit. I can fit all my vapes in them LMAO, one flavour per pocket.

    - Carter

  • Cool turtleneck

    I like the fit of the turtleneck but just wished it was a bit looser, otherwise nice.

    - Noah

  • Obsessed

    Dunno if the quarter zip would suit me but I can layer it with so many things in my wardrobe. So good.

    - Amelia

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